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The STL Syndicate is St. Louis' online news network. It brings together local news, local writers, local readers and local advertisers in one happy package.


$.01 per ad view
$20 minimum (2,000 ad views)

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468 x 60 pixels
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Your ad will be added to the random rotation of ads displayed on pages throughout the following sites: STL Syndicate, The Commonspace Blog, The Commonspace E-zine, Pretty War STL, STL A La Mode and 52nd City. Each page has only one ad slot. In April 2007, these sites collectively had 27,479 ad views.


By default, your banner will be activated as soon as possible after your ad and payment are received, and it will run for one month. If you want to, you can specify a different activation or expiration date. Your remaining ad views will be evenly distributed over the remaining number of days for your campaign. For example, if you pay $30 for 3,000 ad views to be shown over the course of a month (30 days), your ad will average 100 views per day.

Step 1:

Email your ad to

If you would like help creating your ad, Brian Marston will design one for you for $30. Please send payment for design work via PayPal to, or mail a check payable to Brian Marston to 3875A Connecticut St / Saint Louis, MO 63116. Then email any text and graphics you'd like to have included in your ad to

Step 2:

Pay to run your ad. If you'd like to pay online using your credit card or bank account, fill out the form below and click the "Submit" button. You'll be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction. If you prefer, you can mail the information below plus your name, your email address and a check payable to Brian Marston to 3875A Connecticut St / Saint Louis, MO 63116.

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(The person who referred you to the STL Syndicate receives a 10% commission from us.)

$ ( ad views)
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(Consider linking to a special coupon or promotional offer on your website.)

Some Reasons to Advertise with the STL Syndicate:

  1. We can help you reach web savvy St. Louisans who support local businesses and are involved in their communities.

  2. It's inexpensive. Our CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) is only $10.

  3. We use beacon image technology to count the number of times your banner is viewed. It doesn't count as an ad view unless your ad is actually seen by someone. Print publications can't do that; with them, there's no guarantee that anyone saw your ad.

  4. Unlike a lot of websites, we only display one ad per page. Your ad will stand out and won't get lost in the shuffle.

  5. You can log into our ad server to track your ad view and ad click statistics. You'll also receive a weekly email report about your ad campaign.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Reservation of Rights: STL Syndicate reserves the right to refuse any advertisement(s) at any time. STL Syndicate will not knowingly accept any advertisement that encourages discrimination against any individual or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, color, religious creed, national origin or disability.

  2. Cancellations: If you cancel your ad, you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the number of times your ad was viewed, subject to the $20 minimum charge.

  3. Defend and Indemnify: The advertiser and/or the advertising agency agrees to defend and indemnify the STL Syndicate against any and all liability, loss or expenses arising from any claims for libel, unfair competition, unfair trade practices, infringement of trademarks, copyrights, trade names, patents or proprietary rights or violation of rights of privacy resulting from the publication of an advertisement. (Don't sue us if your ad gets you in trouble.)